Stephen Crago, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Information Sciences Institute | Director, Computational Systems and Technology

Stephen Crago, ISI's associate director, is responsible for managing projects and relationships with a select set of sponsors. He is also the director of ISI’s Computational Systems and Technology division, which seeks to solve complex science, engineering and defense problems through novel supercomputing and other approaches. Crago directs experts in cloud computing, multicore software, reconfigurable computing, wireless networks quantum computing, microarchitecture/integrated circuits, science automation technologies, and social networks.

Crago's own research interests include computer architecture, multiprocessors, high-performance heterogeneous cloud computing, embedded processing, performance analysis and optimization. He also works in intelligent computing resource control; efficiency, scalability and other optimization; and novel computing architectures. Crago joined ISI in 1997 and has led numerous research projects. He received his PhD in computer engineering from the University of Southern California.