Resources and Training for USC Faculty

Training Portal: In cooperation with the SC Clinical and Translational Science Institute, a new “Research Training Finder” has been created at Use this website to quickly determine what training is required for you, your staff and your students, based on the type of research that you do.

Internal Research Proposal Portal: We have implemented a new simpler portal for submission of internal research proposals ( including both external proposals that are institutionally limited and internal funding programs, such as Zumberge and the Collaboration Fund. As in the past, these competitions will all be listed at In addition, research deans will distribute announcements through their regular email distributions.

Opportunity Finder: This year we transitioned to “Grant Forward” as our search engine to identify funding opportunities that match faculty interests. I encourage you to set up a profile at, so that you can receive customized messages on opportunities that match your interests.

TARA Project: This project is approaching completion, with the launch this fall of the Kuali Coeus pre-award system throughout the university. In recent months, the effort certification system was launched, a system-to-system interface was completed between iStar and diSClose, and Contracts and Grants Billing began testing. We are also beginning a project to implement the OnCore clinical trials management system at USC.

Core Laboratories: We continue to work on making it easier to identify resources available through USC’s core laboratories. At this time we have 41 core facilities using the CORES billing software, all of which are listed at

Internal Competitions: I’m happy to say that our annual solicitations for the Zumberge Fund, Collaboration Fund, Core Instrumentation, Rose Hills Foundation and Ming Hsieh Institute have all been posted at In some cases deadlines and program rules have changed. Please read these announcements carefully to assess eligibility and priorities.

Center for Excellence in Research: The CER program has grown to 23 events this fall, coupled with our grant mentoring/review program. Please do scan the printed scheduled that should arrive in your mailbox, along with the schedule posted at: In addition, we are offering a special training opportunity for clinical research coordinators in partnership with the SOCRA organization and on-line training in clinical research at USC

Guide to Research at USC: The latest version of the guide to research services and process at USC has been posted at: