John Granacki Honored as Exemplar of Disruptive Innovation

December 19, 2005

ISI's John Granacki and his collaborator Ted Berger of the Viterbi School Center for Neural Engineering have been recognized by EE Times in its "Great Minds, Great Ideas Project."

The pair's work on "neural chips," which perfectly mimic the behavior or living hippocampus cells, is the focus of the honor.

Because of this work, "someday a silicon chip might be able to replace defective portions of the human brain or nervous system, " reads the tribute on the EETimes web page.

Granacki is director of the Advanced Systems Division at ISI and a Research Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Systems and Biomedical Engineering at the USC Viterbi School.

The Great Minds project, according to editor Rick Merritt, honors "disruptive innovation, the people who have backed &hellip up [their inspiration] with the hard work needed to make something new happen. Here we celebrate 29 of those innovators - a small and unavoidably subjective sampling of the many inventive minds that drive the industry forward every working day.

Granacki (right) and Berger's 27 co-winners include inventors of "the Playstation, digital subscriber lines, the Blackberry, TiVo, the Prius, the USB flash drive, the Segway and Skype."

The project will be presented Jan. 5-8 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.