DETER Publishes Latest Community Workshop Papers

June 26, 2006

DETER, an NSF/DHS-funded Internet security research consortium headquartered at ISI, held a two-day symposium June 15-16 in Arlington, VA to discuss ongoing activity and research. The papers presented at that event are now available on-line.

The Proceedings of the event have been published in a bound volume (see illustration). Click here to download the complete volume

Alternatively, here is the complete program with links to individual presentations. Click on the pdf to download the presentations.

  • Overview pdf
    Terry Benzel, USC - ISI, George Kesidis, Penn State
  • 9:45 - 10:45 DDOS Methodology Talks (20 minute talks)

    • DDoS Experiment Methodology pdf
      Alefiya Hussain, Stephen Schwab and Roshan Thomas, SPARTA Inc.
      Sonia Fahmy, Purdue University
      Jelena Mirkovic, University of Delaware
    • Benchmarks for DDoS Defense Evaluation pdf
      Jelena Mirkovic, Erinc Arikan and Songjie Wei, University of Delaware
      Sonia Fahmy, Purdue University
      Roshan Thomas, SPARTA Inc.
      Peter Reiher, University of California Los Angeles

    10:45 - 11:15 Break

    11:15 - 12:15 DDOS Experiment Talks (20 minute talks)

    • Towards Systematic IDS Evaluation pdf
      Calvin Ko, Alefiya Hussain, Stephen Schwab, Roshan Thomas, Brett Wilson, SPARTA Inc.
    • Measuring Impact of DoS Attacks pdf
      Jelena Mirkovic, University of Delaware
      Sonia Fahmy, Purdue University
      Peter Reiher, University of California Los Angeles
      Roshan Thomas, Alefiya Hussain, Steven Schwab and Calvin Ko, SPARTA, Inc.
    • High Fidelity Denial of Service (DoS) Experimentation pdf
      Roman Chertov, Sonia Fahmy and Ness B. Shroff, Purdue University

    12:15 - 2:00 Lunch and Demo/Poster Presentations

    2:00 - 3:30 BGP Experiment Talks (20 Minute Talks)

    • Preliminary BGP Multiple-Origin Autonomous Systems (MOAS) Experiments on the DETER Testbed pdf
      Glenn Carl, George Kesidis, Shashi Phoha and Bharat Madan, Pennsylvania State University
    • BGPRV: A Library for Fast and Efficient Routing Data Manipulation pdf
      Kevin Butlter and Patrick D. McDaniel, Pennsylvania State University
      Sophie Y. Qiu, Johns Hopkins University
    • ELISHA: A Visual and Interactive Tool for BGP Anomaly Detection and Analysis pdf
      Shih-Ming Tseng, S. Felix Wu, Kwan-Liu Ma and Chen-Nee Chuah, UCDavis
      Soon-Tee Teoh, San Jose State University
      Ke Zhang, Cisco
      Xiaoliang Leon Zhao, Juniper Network
    • Testing Large Scale BGP Security in Replayable Network Environments pdf
      Kevin Butler and Patrick McDaniel, Pennsylvania State University

    3:30 - 4:00 Break, Demos, Posters Open

    4:00 - 5:30 Worm Experiment Talks (30 minute talks)

    • Formally Specifying Design Goals of Worm Defense Strategies pdf
      Linda Briesemeister and Phillip A. Porras, SRI International

    • Evaluation of a Collaborative End-Host Worm Defense System pdf
      Senthil Cheetancheri, Karl Levitt and Jeff Rowe, University of California, Davis
      John Mark Agosta, Denver Dash and Eve Schooler, Intel Research
    • Scanning worm emulation on the DETER testbed pdf
      Lunquan Li, George Kesidis and Peng Liu, Pennsylvania State University

    5:30 - 7:00 Reception, Demos, Posters Open

    June 16 - day 2

    7:30 - 8:30 Registration

    8:30 - 9:00 Continental Breakfast

    9:00 - 9:15 Transitioning the Testbed to Operations and Maintenance: Dr. Douglas Maughan, DHS

    9:15 - 10:15 Applications

    • Application of DETER in Large-Scale Cyber Security Exercises pdf
      Ron Ostrenga, Sparta Inc., Paul Walczak, Warrior LLC
    • Running Live Self-Propagating Malware on the DETER Testbed pdf
      Cliff Neuman, Chinmay Shah, Kevin Lahey, USC- ISI
    10:15 - 10:45

    10:45 - 12:00 New Hardware and Facilities

    • Research Acceleration for Multiprocessing (RAMP) pdf
      (15 minutes)
      Anthony Joseph (UC Berkeley)
    • Stress-Testing a Gbps Intrusion Prevention Device on DETER (30 minutes) pdf
      Nicholas Weaver and Vern Paxson (ICSI)
    • Security Experimenters Workbench (30 minutes) pdf
      Steve Schwab (SPARTA, Inc.) and Terry Benzel (USC/ISI)

    12:00 - 1:00 Lunch

    1:00 -2:45 Tools and Methodologies (20 minute talks)

    • Topology Generation, Instrumentation, and Experimental Control Tools for Emulation Testbeds pdf
      Roman Chertov, Sonia Fahmy, Pankaj Kumar, David Bettis, Abdallah Khreishah and Ness B. Shroff, Purdue University
    • Multidimensional Flow Mining for Digesting, Visualization, Anomaly Detection, and Signature Extraction pdf
      Jisheng Wang, David J. Miller and George Kesidis, Penn State University
    • Programmatically Generating Topologies and Configurations pdf
      Wesley Griffin and Ron Ostrenga, SPARTA, Inc.
    • An Integrated Experiment Specification and Visualization Tool for Testbed Emulation pdf
      Lunquan Li, Peng Liu and George Kesidis, Pennsylvania State University
    • Tools and Methodologies Discussion
      George Kesidis (Moderator)

    2:30 - 3:00 Future Plans and Wrap Up

    3:00 Adjourn