ISD Grad Students Present Research

October 12, 2009

The ISI Intelligent Systems division held its fourth annualGraduate Student Symposium on October 9, an opportunity for students to practice their writing and presentation skills and for everyone to hear more about their research.

Papers submitted by students were reviewed by a group of research staff and graduate students who selected two of those for oral presentation.

The following awards were presented at the conclusion of the day:

Best Paper: 
Marta Recasens: (pictured left, with division director Yigal Arens) BLANC - BiLateral Anaphora 'N Coreference Measure

Best Paper Runner Up:
Yao-Yi Chiang: An Approach to Harvest Road Vector Maps from Raster Maps

Additionally, a special award was given to the Best Reviewer, Tom Russ.

The winners received paper certificates, gift certificates for, "and they'll receive plaques that they can display on their desks for everyone to see," said Division Director Yigal Arens.  "The best paper winner will have her name added to the plaque on the 9th floor."

"I would like to thank all those involved in putting together this wonderful event," Arens continued. "The students who wrote and submitted papers; the reviewers; the two guest speakers, Chun-Nan Hsu and Kevin Knight; the staff who helped with arrangements and as always made sure that everyone present was well fed; and last but not least, Dirk Hovy, William Chang, Aman Goel, and Stephen Tratz who worked hard to organize the symposium!"