ISI Grad Students Show Off Their Stuff

October 26, 2010

An Information Sciences Institute tradition entered its fifth year on October 22, when young researchers spent the day presenting their work to colleagues and teachers.

The event, the Graduate Student Student Symposium, this year for the first time included students working in Networks as well as Intelligent Systems.

The program included ten papers — judged separately on content and presentation — and twelve posters. Participants voted on the best and runner up in each category, with separate winners in Intelligent Systems and Networks.

The program included presentations by senior ISI researchers, including a talk by Craig Knoblock on "Life After Grad School" and one on "How to Write a Good Paper" by Liang Huang.

Student George Konstantinidis was the principal organizer of the event, working with Ashish Vaswani and Rumi Ghosh.

ISI Deputy Director and Intelligent Systems Director Yigal Arens announced the award winners at the end of the day.

They include:

Intelligent Systems Winners
Best Paper - Ashish Vaswani Efficient optimization of an MDL-inspired objective function for unsupervised partof-speech tagging
Best Presentation - Dirk Hovy The Rules of the Game: Unsupervised discovery of domain-specific knowledge from text
Best Poster - Aman Goel Exploiting sub-structure in Hierarchical Conditional Random Fields for accurate annotation of structured data

Runner-up Paper - Rumi Gosh Predicting influential users on online social networks
Runner-up Presentation - Ashish Vaswani Efficient optimization of an MDL-inspired objective function for unsupervised part-of- speech tagging
Runner-up Poster - Yoon-sik Cho Learning Co-evolving network models

Paper Reviewer - Dirk Hovy

Networks Winners
Best Paper - Lin Quan On the characteristics and reasons of long-lived Internet flows
Best Presentation - Andrew Goodney Dr. Droid: Assisting stroke rehabilitation using mobile phones
Best Poster - Chengjie Zhang Steam-Powered Sensing


back row: George Konstantinidis, Yigal Arens (ISD faculty), Chengjie Zhang, Aman Goel, Ashish Vaswani, Lin Quan
front row: Yoon-sik Cho, Rumi Ghosh, Jelena Mirkovic (Network faculty), Andrew Goodney
Not shown: Dirk Hovy

See the complete list of papers and posters (pdf)