Information Society to Experience Society

October 30, 2001

Our society has evolved to become an information society. Dr. Ramesh Jain, CTO, PRAJA, Inc. and Professor Emeritus, UC San Diego will discuss his ideas about how it is now evolving to become an experience society.

We observe the environment using five senses and combine these observations with our knowledge of the world to experience and function. Dynamic world is full of events. Data are observed facts or measurements, including those from our senses. Information is derived from data in a specific context and is used for communication. Experience results from direct observation of or participation in events, and is the basis of insights, information, and knowledge.

Information is used for implementing all decisions. Decision-making requires insights resulting from deep analysis of a situation. Insight into a situation, or event, results from observation and analysis of all relevant data and information from multiple sources. Ability to analyze the data from multiple perspectives is important in trying to gain insight.

Compelling and engaging experiences require immersion in a rich set of multimedia data and information so that one can directly observe a subset of the data and information. Experience Systems provide an environment to assimilate data from disparate sources and present it in an immersive and interactive environment.

In this presentation, Dr. Jain will focus on two important components of experience systems, Unified Indexing and Contextual Navigation, and show a few working examples of experience systems from Business, Entertainment, and other applications. Dr. Jerry Mendel of IMSC will introduce the speaker; refreshments will be served at 9:30 a.m.