Bob Braden Team Completes Major Power Grid Study

October 5, 2015

An academic-industry team led by ISI's Bob Braden has finished a major survey of electric power grid data networks used by representative North American power companies.

The report will be the first step in adapting Net technology to the power grid, with the aim to preserve data transmission speeds without sacrificing reliability. While emphasis on handling exploding Net traffic has focused on enhancing capacity, accompanying reliability tradeoffs aren't acceptable in the critical electric grid.

The survey was conducted for the North American SynchroPhasor Initiative (NASPI), a coalition of power utilities, industry, academic, national labs and other key entities concerned with improving power reliability and visibility through wide area measurement and control. SynchroPhasors are sensors that record precise grid measurements at high speeds. Other survey participants included Washington State University, the Pacific Northwest National Lab and industry vendor coalition Allied Partners LLC. The 240-page NASPI 2014 Survey of SynchroPhasor System Networks is posted at