John Heidemann and Student Win Best Paper

May 2, 2017

ISI research professor John Heidemann, together with post-doctoral scholar Ricardo de Oliveria Schmidt and masters student Jan Harm Kuipers, both at the University of Twente (Netherlands), were awarded Best Paper at the 2017 Passive and Active Measurements (PAM) conference in late March.

PAM is a forum for network researchers to discuss novel network measurement and analysis approaches, focusing on early- state research. Their paper explores anycasting, where a sender selects the nearest of several possible receivers for Internet Domain Name System information.

Titled Anycast Latency: How Many Sites Are Enough?, the article suggests that just 12 anycast sites are sufficient for delivering internet Domain Name System responses with minimal delay - provided those sites are geographically well-distributed and regionally well-connected to neighboring network providers.

Kuipers' presentation at the Sydney, Australia PAM conference was actually the team's third. Earlier versions of the work were described by Heidemann at DNS-OARC 25, a conference that bridges research and operations to boost DNS security, stability and structure. De Oliveira Schmidt also presented a version of the work at RIPE 73, the leading conference for European network operators.