Best Paper Prize for Postel Center Grad Fellow

August 9, 2002

Postel Center for Experimental Networking Graduate Fellow Venkata Pingali brought home the prize for best student paper from the 16th Annual ACM International Conference on Supercomputing, held June 22-26, 2002 in New York City.

Pingali's paper, Computation Regrouping: Restructuring Programs for Temporal Data Cache Locality deals with a new method for minimizing memory stall time, as described in its abstract:

Data access costs contribute significantly to the execution time of applications with complex data structures. As the latency of memory accesses becomes high relative to processor cycle times, application performance is increasingly limited by memory performance. In some situations it may be reasonable to trade increased computation costs for reduced memory costs.

The contributions of this paper are three-fold:

*We provide a detailed analysis of the memory performance of a set of seven, memory-intensive benchmarks; *We describe Computation Regrouping, a general, source-level approach to improving the overall performance of these applications by improving temporal locality to reduce cache and TLB miss ratios (and thus memory stall times); and *We demonstrate significant performance improvements from applying Computation Regrouping to our suite of seven benchmarks.

With Computation Regrouping, we observe an average speedup of 1.97, with individual speedups ranging from 1.26 to 3.03. Most of this improvement comes from eliminating memory stall time.