Five Win Merit for Event Tech Support

November 6, 2002

Ray Mason, Dale Wong, Chris Smiley, Sheila Coyazo, and Ken Johnson have received the ISI Meritorious Service Award for their support of the School of Engineering Dean's Retreat, the 30th Anniversary event, and the Ron Brachman DARPA visit.

They set up, tested, and maintained equipment before, during, and after each occurrence. All of these events took place within a short time span, with two of them happening within one day of each other. Of particular note was the videoconference link that was put in place between the California Yacht Club (CYC) and ISI East. Since CYC lacks any high speed network connections, the IPC staff had to test a number of wireless configurations and VTC settings over the course of months to ensure that the VTC on the day of the event was successful.

"The fact that the connection succeeded admirably is a tribute to the time and effort put in by the people involved," said executive director Herb Schorr. "It should be noted that the setting up, experimentation, and operation of equipment for such events do not fall within the normal duties of the nominees involved. In a very real sense, they are volunteers who put in extraordinary efforts for the good and reputation of the Institute."