Power Backup Installation Team Members Win Service Award

November 6, 2002

Ray Mason, Dale Wong, Ed Jones, and Jim Koda's work installing the Southern California Edison (SCE) Preferred Emergency Circuit has earned them an ISI Meritorious Service Award.

This very important circuit is an additional substation feed from SCE to both buildings at this location that allows power to automatically transfer from a main circuit to a backup circuit in the event of a power interruption, and then to transfer over to ISI's generator in the event of complete power loss to the site.

The project represents at least two years of effort, which has included gathering appropriate justifications and detailed information to present to SCE and Trizec to gain their approval and support. In addition, it has taken months of technical planning meetings with electrical contractors, SCE operations, field support staff, and Trizec property management and technical staff in order to work out the details and identify and correct existing electrical faults, such as ground water intrusion into electrical equipment.

The culmination of this extraordinary effort was the seamless weekend installation in August of a new electrical switch and wiring, while ISI continued to operate on its backup generator for 16 hours.

"There were enough roadblocks to this project along the way that most individuals would have given up, but thanks to the persistance of this team, ISI will have clean, reliable power and backup for the forseeable future," said ISI Executive Director Herb Schorr in announcing the awards.