ISI Establishes Center For Computer Systems Security

November 8, 2002

A new center dedicated to research and development in all areas of computer security is now in place at USC's Information Sciences Institute.

Initially organized in June, 2002, the Center for Computer Systems Security (CCSS) at ISI now has a web site at and a growing roster of participants, according to its director, Clifford Neuman, who is also associate director of the ISI computer networks division.

Neuman, who co-invented the widely-used Kerberos authentication system while at M.I.T., says the CCSS will create synergy among the numerous researchers at ISI and USC already working in various aspects of computer security, particularly in ISI's parent organization, the USC School of Engineering.

These include faculty from the electrical engineering and computer science departments of USC Engineering, as well as from the department of mathematics of the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

"USC has been a major player in computer security research for many years," said Neuman. "Along with ISI's role in the development of Kerberos, we have been working on approaches for detecting and defending against denial of service attacks and other intrusions, and developing systems supporting secure electronic commerce"

"The center provides a point of focus for future research in computer security, placing special emphasis on the integration of computer security technologies in working systems and in the specification, management, and coordination of adaptive security policies to be enforced by such technologies," he continued.

Neuman added that while computer security is an advancing discipline, few schools offer degrees with a security specialization.

"The center will will work to fill this gap," he promised.