Four Win Merit Prizes

April 12, 2001

Zita Wenzel, Brenna Guthrie, Mark Carley and Dale Wong have received ISI Meritorious Service Awards, an honor created to recognize outstanding contributions to ISI's mission.

Guthrie, Carley and Wenzel (pictured) were honored for their efforts in successfully transferring the .us domain registry to Verisign, as directed by the Department of Commerce.

The .us domain registry and the .us architecture were developed as a country code top level domain. It provides a hierarchy based on localities for state and local governments, as well as community colleges, museums, libraries, etc.

Because the .us domain currently ranks in the top ten of all top level domains, its transfer to Verisign was a significant event. A smooth transition was extremely important to ISI's credibility and reputation. as well as to the welfare of the millions of users in .us, according to ISI Executive Director Herbert Schorr.

"In addition to the technical and administrative skills needed to make this happen, sensitivity and diplomacy were essential in this highly political and potentially volatile situation."Schorr said. "The actual transition went flawlessly, and turned out to be one of the big nonevents of the year. It could have easily been otherwise without the skill and dedication of these three people. The team worked long hours and under difficult circumstances and pressures to complete the transition."

Wong won his Meritorious Service Award for bringing webcasting to ISI ahead of schedule. Wong managed the webcast of the NEESGrid workshop that was part of NSF's new "National Earthquake Engineering and Simulation"program. "The result was a flawless webcast,"said Schorr. "I view it as the highest compliment that our visitors from NCSA wanted to talk to us and get details of how we did the webcast and what equipment and software we used."