News - 2006

Software Speeds and Enhances Access to Print Brain Atlases

December 11, 2006 An ISI computer scientist led an effort to perfect a cheap, quick and copyright- respecting way to turn existing print brain atlases into multimedia resources. The software, now available in an experimental beta version for free download, is a robust and user-friendly interface that works on all the most popular computer operating systems. Read More >

ISI-Developed Tactical Iraqi Now a Standard Tool for Troops

December 4, 2006 Following extensive evaluations by the U.S. Armed Forces, a novel PC-based videogame originally conceived at the University of Southern California Information Sciences Insitute is educating thousands of officers and enlisted personnel how to communicate in Iraq safely, effectively, and with cultural sensitivity. Read More >

ISI Researcher Awarded Defense Meritorious Service Medal

November 30, 2006 Vicente C. Garcia Jr., who is Director of the ISI Center for Information Operations, has received a high military honor for peacetime service. Read More >

Breaking the Medical Image Communication Barrier

November 26, 2006 Using an ISI-developed new grid computing system, physicians at 40 hospitals all over North America are now quickly and easily exchanging high-resolution medical images. Read More >

ISI Veterans Win Highest Internet Society Honor

November 13, 2006 ISI Fellow Bob Braden and his longtime colleague Joyce K. Reynolds are this year's recipients of the Internet Society's prestigeous Postel Award, the society announced November 12. Read More >

ISI Prepares Party for Prime Pixel Patent

October 9, 2006 A modest celebration will take Nov. 3 at the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute to mark the 35th anniversary of the filing, by ISI's Peter Will and others, of the very first patent using the word "pixel." Read More >

ISI Building $1.5 Million NASA Satellite Sensornet Gateway

September 15, 2006 The USC Information Sciences Institute will play the lead role in a NASA project that will use space satellites to deliver data from sensor networks, and then speedily and flexibly structure this data for effective use by scientists. One possibility for early investigation is much more detailed monitoring of microclimates. Read More >

ISI to Play Major Role in 5-year $300 Million DOE Supercomputing Research Program

September 8, 2006 The USC Viterbi School of Engineering will take the lead on more than $20 million in new research programs announced September 7 by the US Department of Energy, and share in two more - and ISI is involved in three of the four USC projects. Read More >

ISI Associate Named to Prestigious NSF Advisory Board

August 23, 2006 The USC Information Science Institute's Yolanda Gil has been has been appointed to the Advisory Committee of the Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering Directorate of the National Science Foundation. Read More >

ISI Associate Named to Prestigious NSF Advisory Board

August 23, 2006 The USC Information Science Institute's Yolanda Gil has been has been appointed to the Advisory Committee of the Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering Directorate of the National Science Foundation. Read More >

First Annual Graduate Student Symposium Showcases Young Researchers' Skills

August 18, 2006 A new tradition kicked off vigorously August 18 at the Information Sciences Institute Intelligent Systems Division, as eight grad students specializing in AI presented their research in a prize competition. Read More >

ISI Wins Share of $10.2 Million Homeland Security Effort

July 27, 2006 The USC Information Sciences Institute and the USC Viteribi School department of computer science will partner with three universities and the Institute for Discrete Sciences in a new Department of Homeland Security initiative on advanced information analysis. Read More >

Biologist Brings NeuroScholar Project to ISI

July 20, 2006 His mission: conquering neurobiology information overload. Gully A. P. C. Burns, a British specialist in neuroinformatics, has arrived in the Institute's Intelligent Systems Division. Read More >

Six ISI papers presented at AI 2006 conference

July 20, 2006 The 21st National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, held in July in Boston, featured six papers by USC Information Sciences researchers, and was co-chaired by ISI's Yolanda Gil Read More >

Real-Time Pediatric Disaster Response System Takes Shape at USC

July 19, 2006 A pediatrician and a computer scientist are creating a powerful tool to save young lives in large-scale emergencies. Read More >

Fitting Software to Students

July 11, 2006 Instead of learning, some students "game" computer-based teaching programs. New research at the USC Information Sciences Institute is looking at ways of predicting this behavior, and using such predictions to adapt the systems to fit individual student needs. Early results are promising. Read More >

Air Force Funds Surprise-Based Learning Project at ISI

July 5, 2006 The Air Force Office of Scientific Research is funding research at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute designed to improve defense planners' ability to make accurate predictions. Read More >

DETER Publishes Latest Community Workshop Papers

June 26, 2006 DETER, an NSF/DHS-funded Internet security research consortium headquartered at ISI, held a two-day symposium June 15-16 in Arlington, VA to discuss ongoing activity and research. The papers presented at that event are now available on-line. Read More >

Bob Graybill a 2006 HPCWire Person to Watch

June 20, 2006 HPCWire has named Bob Graybill, an ISI division director working in the organization's Arlington Office, as one of 16 "People to Watch."This is the second time Graybill has been so designated. Read More >

USC Announces B.S. and M.S. Computer Science Game Degrees

June 20, 2006 Dean Yannis Yortsos of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering announced today two new degrees: a B.S. in Computer Science (Games) and an M.S. in Computer Science (Game Development). The Viterbi School is the first engineering school to offer both. Read More >

ISI Robot Submarine Tries to Look in on Re-Pressurized Rockfish

June 9, 2006 Wei-Min Shen's ISI Polymorphic Robotics Lab had a new assignment for its underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV): viewing the results of a marine biology experiment with pressure-shocked rockfish. Read More >

Unpacking Pecking Orders to Get the Gist of Web Gab

June 5, 2006 A USC Information Sciences Institute system pulls answers from online conversations by identifying the alpha chatterers. Read More >

ISI Command System Excels in Competitive Trials

May 23, 2006 In a competition that pitted a number of different DARPA- funded approaches to "Criticality Sensitive Coordination" against each other, Robert Neches' ISI team took the prize. Read More >

Newest ISI Fellows Feted - and Listened To

May 15, 2006 The title of ISI Fellow was instituted in 1999 to honor a limited number of ISI personnel who have achieved a high level of external distinction through notable contributions to science and/or technology. Jerry Hobbs and Kevin Knight, the fifth and sixth recipients of this honor, were honored at a reception May 15 at ISI. Read More >

HDTV UltraGrid Pioneers Look Forward to Videoconferencing in 3D

April 13, 2006 After years of demonstrations of a highly successful technique for sending high-definition video over network connections, researchers at USC's Information Sciences Institute are preparing to go 3D. But it won't be easy. Read More >

ISI Technology Competing for History Channel Invention Award

March 24, 2006 ISI's Behrokh Khoshnevis's contour crafting process was on display at the California Science Center April 7-14, as part of an exhibit of semifinalists in the Modern Marvels Invent Now® Challenge. Read More >

Two ISI alumni elected to NAE

February 20, 2006 The National Academy of Engineering has named Danny Cohen and Paul V. Mockapetris as members, in large part for work done by them at the USC Information Sciences Institute. Read More >

Computer Expression Engine Automates Sneers, Smiles, Stares, Shrugs

February 17, 2006 On the screen, computer generated game characters shrug, wink, nod, wave, or cross their arms with skeptical hostility as they follow your every move with attentive gaze. A University of Southern California-developed system module called "Social Puppet" is pulling the strings. Read More >

Distinguished DARPA Program Manager Will Represent ISI in New Federal Tech Initiative

January 27, 2006 Robert Graybill is bringing his wide-ranging expertise in computing systems to ISI's Arlington, Virginia campus, where he will guide the Institute's participation in a national project aimed at ensuring continued U.S. competitiveness in world markets. Read More >

ISI Grid Pioneer Wins Honorary Degree

January 11, 2006 Computer scientist Carl Kesselman, the co-inventor of open source grid software now widely used all over the world, received an honorary doctorate Jan. 9 from the University of Amsterdam. Read More >

The Language of Schemas Meets the Philosopher of War

January 10, 2006 Artificial intelligence researcher Paul Cohen is fascinated by the ability of human infants to learn how the physical world works. He hopes to give machines some of this ability, as part of a multipart $4 million research program now underway at the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute, a program that will attempt to watch computer agents learn elements from the classic On War Read More >