News - 2008

ISI Expands Genomics Collaboration into Mental Health Research

December 8, 2008 ISI will be part of a new Center for Genomic Studies on Mental Disorders funded by a five-year $42.4 million grant from the National Institutes of Mental Health. Read More >

ISI Robotics Researcher Wins Army Best Paper Award

December 5, 2008 Wei-Min Shen returned from the 26th Army Science Conference with an award plaque for research which created a improved linkage system for his SuperBot modular robots Read More >

ISI rubs GENI funding lamp

October 30, 2008 An ambitious NSF project to create a vast interactive network testbed is moving forward into a $12 million prototyping phase in which ISI division director John Wroclawski will continue and deepen his involvement. Read More >

3rd Grad Research Symposium Shines

October 6, 2008 The ISI Intelligent Systems Division continued a tradition by holding its competitive symposium, with prizes for best papers, presentations, and posters. Read More >

ISI Contract Update: $6.93 Million

September 26, 2008 Information Sciences Insitute project leaders in 2008 have won nearly $7 million in research awards. Read More >

Captain Garcia Adds Ret. to His Title with a Bang

September 12, 2008 ISI project director Vicente Garcia Jr. joined the navy in 1978 fresh out of New Mexico State University. In a solemn 2008 ceremony keynoted by two flag-rank officers he retired from it. Read More >

IT Aloha!

September 5, 2008 ISI executive director Herbert Schorr and researcher Dan Davis went to Hawai'i to renew long-standing ties with people and institutions on the island of Maui, and explore new opportunities for IT in education Read More >

ISI Role in Pediatric Disaster Planning Study Highlighted

August 11, 2008 An extensive feature in a prominent medical journal documents the ongoing $5 million effort led by Dr. Jeffrey Upperman of Childrens Hospital, an project in which ISI's Division 2 plays a key role. Read More >

ISI To Play $1.5 Million Role in NIH Effort to Understand Hereditary Roots of Disease Vulnerability

July 17, 2008 Jose-Luis Ambite and Ewa Deelman will be part of a 4-year, $31 million initiative aimed at understanding how genetic variation influences the risk of diabetes, heart pathologies, cancer and other common diseases. Read More >

DSS Division Names New Project Leader

July 14, 2008 Ke-Thia Yao, an expert on systems acquisition, mining, and management of large and complex data sets, is the newest project leader in ISI's Distributed Scalable Systems Division. Read More >

ISI Team Builds Bot in 5 Hours to Best MIT and 4 Others

May 23, 2008 An ISI team led by Dr. Behnam Salemi won the Planetary Robotic Contingency Challenge competition at the 2008 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (IRCA- 2008) in Pasadena, May 21-22. Read More >

Mini-Origami: ISI Folds Up Tiny Packages for Drug Delivery

May 1, 2008 Researchers at the USC Information Sciences Institute have demonstrated a way to manufacture miniscule containers that might be used to deliver precise micro- or even nano- quantities of drugs. Read More >

Spacecraft Builder Honored for Helping Students

April 24, 2008 David Barnhart, director of the Aerospace Technology and Systems Center at ISI, was one of six 2008 USC-Mellon Mentoring Award winners. Read More >

DETER Wins 2008 Excellence.Gov Honor

April 14, 2008 Terry Benzel of the USC Information Sciences Institute accepted a national award from the American Council for Technology (ACT) and its Industry Advisory Council on behalf of the DETER project she co-directs. Read More >

Beyond Chess: Deep Green Models Rapid Change for Combat Commanders

April 6, 2008 Can an artificial intelligence program anticipate military surprises? The USC Information Sciences Institute is playing a $5.9 million part in a DARPA research effort called Deep Green aimed at creating a system that can do so, one that might help future combat commanders in the field anticipate enemy moves. Read More >

ISI Grant Will Ease and Speed Access to Biomed Data

March 21, 2008 The National Institute of General Medical Sciences has announced a four-year grant to support ISI's Gully A.P.C. Burns' efforts to expand and enhance his highly successful NeuroScholar software efforts. Read More >

ISI Leader Named Remarkable Woman

March 6, 2008 Yolanda Gil, Associate Director of Research in the ISI Intelligent Systems Division, shared a high USC honor. Read More >

ISI Role in Internet History Key Part of Arpanet Sourcebook

March 5, 2008 A new study documents the origins of the Internet, including many handwritten original papers from ISI, an early center of development — documents located by the ISI Postel center. Read More >

SERC Aims for a New Generation of Space Vehicles and Engineers

February 26, 2008 ISI will be part of a new USC Viterbi School of Engineering interdisciplinary research center that will focus on the challenge of building new generations of inexpensive spacecraft with commercial, civil and military applications Read More >

Major AI Prize Named for ISI Alumnus

February 8, 2008 The International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems has just named its Best Student Paper Award after Pragnesh Jay Modi, who spent six years in ISI's Intelligent Systems Division. Read More >

Sensornets Go Off-the-Shelf

February 7, 2008 ISI has begun a collaboration with the UCLA-based Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) aimed at putting a long-esoteric technology — networked sensors — into the hands of a wide spectrum of non-specialist new users. Read More >

Sensornets Go Off-the-Shelf

February 7, 2008 ISI has begun a collaboration with the UCLA-based Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) aimed at putting a long-esoteric technology — networked sensors — into the hands of a wide spectrum of non-specialist new users. Read More >