News - 2009

Medical Informatics: Theory and Practice

December 10, 2009 In this video, ISI Project Leader Carl Kesselman explains how he is creating tools that will help a physician to make decisions, customizing the best available information for each individual patient. Read More >

ISI Researchers Will Support New Brain Gene Expression Project

November 2, 2009 Ewa Deelman and Ann Chervenak will be part of a new $9 million research effort headquartered at the Keck School of Medicine at USC Read More >

ISI-Headquartered BIRN Launches New Website

October 21, 2009 The Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN) has launched a website that highlights its broadened focus, including services for the entire biomedical community and enhanced data-sharing and analysis tools and capabilities. Read More >

Versatile R&D Leader Joins ISI to Make Waves ... Help Power California

October 13, 2009 Gordon Roesler, who came out of the navy to manage a long skein of successful research projects funded by DARPA and other agencies, has come to the USC Information Sciences Institute to establish a Center for Energy Informatics and Systems. Read More >

ISD Grad Students Present Research

October 12, 2009 The ISI Intelligent Systems division held its fourth annual Graduate Student Symposium on October 9, an opportunity for students to practice their writing and presentation skills and for everyone to hear more about their research. Read More >

ISI Part of FutureGrid Test Bed

September 11, 2009 ISI Project Leader Ewa Deelman and her group will participate in an ambitious NSF effort to develop and test novel approaches to parallel, grid, and cloud computing. Read More >

ISI Natural Language Experts to Attack Undeciphered Ancient Scripts

August 6, 2009 The National Science Foundation has awarded Kevin Knight and collaborators $1.6 million to develop computational tools to analyze now-unreadable written texts from antiquity. Read More >

Buen Viaje, Cesar

July 1, 2009 Speeches, tributes, gifts and songs mark a retirement lunch celebrating two decades of accomplishments by MOSIS chief Cesar Pina. Read More >

ISI Partners in Intelligence/Security College Training Program

June 30, 2009 Students attending The University of Texas at El Paso have a path to rewarding careers in the intelligence and national security workforce, thanks to a new cooperative education program created in partnership with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute. Read More >

ISI Part of $16.4 Million Effort to Build Cognitive Prosthesis

May 26, 2009 Building on decades of basic research, a team including John Granacki has won a 4-year DARPA grant to restore lost memory function. Read More >

Elevating the Science of Cybersecurity

March 23, 2009 An 8-minute video highlighting the mission and activity of the ISI-headquartered DETERlab Testbed is now online for viewing. It includes interviews with project co-leaders Terry Benzel and John Wroclawski and their funders and collaborators. Read More >

ISI Project Leader Named 2008 ACM Distinguished Member

February 9, 2009 Craig Knoblock is among 37 computer scientists recognized by the Association for Computing Machinery for "their individual contributions to both the practical and theoretical aspects of computing and information technology." Read More >

ISI to Help Build DARPA National Cyber Range

February 4, 2009 Terry Benzel and the DETERlab Testbed team will work with SPARTA Inc. to strengthen defenses against cyberattack. Read More >

Kesselman Awarded $22.2M NIH National BioMedical Informatics Infrastructure Coordinating Center Contract

January 23, 2009 The USC Viterbi School's Information Sciences Institute will be the new central clearing house for an ambitious ongoing national project to collect and integrate a wide range of biomedical data to make it more accessible to physicians and researchers. Read More >

ISI-East Leads $3.67M HPC Attack on Industrial Design Issues

January 13, 2009 The Information Sciences Institute will administer a pilot effort to demonstrate how small manufacturers can effectively use sophisticated high performance computing (HPC) industrial design. Read More >