News - 2010

Viterbi Nanosatellite Blasts Off From Cape Canaveral on Space X Launch

December 13, 2010 All systems were go — and went perfectly — December 8 at Cape Canaveral, with the newly developed Falcon 9 heavy lift vehicle sending into earth orbit a packet of nanosatellites, including a unit that the Viterbi School's Information Sciences Institute (ISI) and its Department of Astronautical Engineering's Space Engineering Research Center (SERC) jointly played a key role in developing. Read More >

ISI's Shortipedia Wins Prize at 2010 Semantic Web Challenge

November 21, 2010 The Knowledge Technologies Group at the USC Information Sciences Institute has created a system that configures facts contributed by human users through a wiki site into a form that the digital Semantic Web system can understand and reason about. Read More >

Kristina Lerman Leads ISI Group Probing Social Networking Threats

November 19, 2010 The Air Force Office of Science Research working through a UCLA-headquartered Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative is funding a $1.4 million study of "Inferring Structure and Forecasting Dynamics of Evolving Networks." Read More >

ISI Grad Students Show Off Their Stuff

October 26, 2010 An Information Sciences Institute tradition entered its fifth year on October 22, when young researchers spent the day presenting their work to colleagues and teachers. Read More >

Back to School Means Back to ISI for Computer Security Students All Over the Nation

September 20, 2010 Where can students learn to defend computer systems against the smartest, meanest, most malignant viruses, Trojan horses and malware known - without exposing their own computer systems and the Internet to this nasty code? Read More >

Information Sciences Institute Wins $2.1M DOE Award

August 11, 2010 ISI's Gordon Roesler has received a one-year, $2.1-million award from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a new information backbone and energy management strategy at the building level. Read More >

Digg This: ISI Researcher Forecasts Social Network Behavior

August 5, 2010 Computer Scientist Kristina Lerman of the Information Sciences Institute recently took a look at Digg, and found that watching the behavior of a relatively few superusers foretold the fate of newly posted stories. Read More >

DARPA Program Manager Joins ISI to Build Nano-Electronics Effort

July 2, 2010 ISI Executive Director Herbert Schorr has announced that Dr. Michael (Mike) Fritze, currently a Program Manager at DARPA's MTO office, will be joining ISI's technical staff in mid-July, 2010. Read More >

IEEE Computer Security Group Honors ISI Cyberdefense Expert

June 11, 2010 The IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy celebrated its 30th anniversary in May - and Terry Benzel received a Computer Security Award for Continuing Service. Read More >

ISI Hosts Human Language Technologies Conference

June 8, 2010 The 11th Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics was held June 1-6, 2010 in downtown Los Angeles, with extensive facilitation by the USC Information Sciences Institute. Read More >

'Ethical Hackers' a critical need to bolster cyberdefenses, DoD Deputy Secretary tells ISI-hosted gathering

May 26, 2010 A top-level delegation from the Department of Defense visited Southern California recently and discussed a new domain of defense operations - cyberspace - and its novel and unique challenges. Read More >

ISI Startup Powers High Performance Design for Small Cap Manufacturers

April 9, 2010 A successful DARPA-funded Information Sciences Institute collaboration with a high technology parts manufacturer has taken a giant step upward from R&D to real world applications. Read More >

ISI Recognized for Key Role in Internet Development

March 19, 2010 More than 50 computer pioneers and leaders key to the Internet's ongoing development over the past 40 years gathered Friday, March 19 to recognize the contribution of the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute in the hosting the Request for Comments (RFC) series. Read More >

Preston Marshall to Head New ISI Wireless Networking Division

March 8, 2010 The new division will also will assist in ISI-wide development efforts, in areas like manufacturing, microelectronics, and other ISI strengths that can be leveraged to create strong programs in wireless technology Read More >

Two-Module Tool Removes Water from Natural Gas Wells

February 22, 2010 A "Concurrent Water Collection" process developed by a longtime ISI researcher may help prolong well life, and increase production Read More >

Aeneas Cubesat Mission Blasts Off at ISI

February 11, 2010 The University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute, in conjunction with the USC Space Engineering Research Center (SERC), today announced development of a dedicated USC satellite mission, Aeneas. Read More >

Almost Half of Injured Haitians are Children, ISI/Childrens Hospital Study Finds

January 31, 2010 A statistical study indicates that the victims of the January 12 quake include an extraordinarily high number of children - 44 percent of the estimated total. Read More >