Measuring the size of Mozilla's DOH Canary Domain

Mozilla announced the creation of a "use-application-dns.net" "Canary Domain" that could be configured within ISPs to disable Firefox's default use of DNS over HTTPS. On 2019/09/21 I created a RIPE Atlas measurement to study resolvers within ISPs that had been configured to return an NXDOMAIN response. This measurement is configured to have 1000 Atlas probes query for the use-application-dns.net name once a day.

The graph below shows the results of that measurement. The vertical axis is the percentage of NXDOMAIN answers:

\(y_t = 100 \cdot \frac{number\_of\_NXDOMAINs}{number\_of\_real\_answers + number\_of\_NXDOMAINs}\)



Author: Wes Hardaker

Created: 2019-11-19 Tue 23:05